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PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:27 pm 
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In 2015, The Birmingham Metro Tournament used my site to put their schedule and results online. ( 2015 ) The tournament was comprised of one girl's division and two boy's divisions. ( I also tracked the tournament in previous years 2012, 2013, and 2014 )

In 2016 the Birmingham Metro split into a separate Girls and Boys tournaments, with different tournament directors. The Boys Metro used the site in 2016. This looked very similar to the 2015 page, but there were three Boy's divisions. - shows Schedule/Results - shows participating teams
.../metro/teamschd.php?kind=GSC&interval=90 - Team Schedules - Check for scheduling errors

score.php is used much more than any of the support pages. The schedule can be shown in several formats and can be filtered using different criteria. It can show all games in the tournament, in a single division, in a single group ,or just one team's games. Games at a particular field or venue can be listed. The default format is a list of matches, sorted by start time, but Preferences can be used to select alternate formats.

The score.php page is very simple in terms of design.
  • There is a simple page header that identifies the tournament and often shows the hosting organization(s).
  • The navhdr support includes a link to the Team page, a link for each division and a link to the tournament schedule. It includes links to field schedules. The Teams page lists all participating teams and shows which group and division they are playing in. It includes links to show a single group or single team schedule.
  • When displaying a single division with single elimination (SE) games, the bracket shows these games. It does not appear when showing a multidivision schedule or a schedule without any SE games.
  • The Schedule section shows the time, location and opponents of each game. Results are shown for reported games. Games are color coded with division color if there are multiple divisions or location color if not. There are user selectable alternate formats, including a Time v Location grid.
  • Single division, group, or team pages will show group standings. Each standings table shows "Group games played"/"Group games schedule", win-loss-tie, and all visible tie breakers. "Show Details" will show each team's games, with result, and tie breakers. Single team standings show a detailed view of that team within a standard group table.
  • An opponent grid and time map, which shows games and gaps between games, are supported
  • A page trailer includes buttons to contact the tournament, set user preferences, display only specific parts of the page (for printing), login to the Admin page, and to show the group ranking criteria.

"Results Grid" is one of the display options. ( Gold Division Result Grid ; Std Sched ; Time v Loc. This was set up to be similar to some []gotsoccer.cmo[/url] pages. I don't use it at all, but some people think (or thought) that it looks better than the standard schedule.

There is nothing fancy about the page. No images are used other than in the page header (for some tournaments). It would benefit from additional 'styling' but it works well as is.

Lakeshore Shooutout
The Lakeshore Shooutout uses a more complicated, better looking page header.

2016 Metro Girls - Magic City Metro Cup
In 2016 the Girls tournament set up their own website using Wix. There were plans to get a domain for the tournament but t don't think this happened.

My guess is that the initial impression of this page is better than that for the 2016 Boys Metro. There is a nice graphic background, a menu bar and a multicolumn, center section, also with a nice graphic of a soccer field. Click on "teams" and a list of teams comes up and the page switches to a top view of a soccer field with the team names and. in some cases, a school logo. What is missing from this information is a clear indication of which teams are in which Division/Pool. At one time the team list did show this information because there were two columns in the pulldown list, but it changed. Compare with []this[/url]

Clicking on Schedule brings up a calendar. Because the page was built with a generic template, it uses a generic calendar. Most people looking at a calendar are most interested in the current month, so that is what it shows. Right now it is showing June. This was a very unusual tournament with games spread over three months, February to April, but the last game was April 22, so a June calendar page is not very useful.

There are navigation arrows to get to the April calendar, which shows 19 games. Each game entry shows the game time, location, and opponents, though some are truncated and it's a little hard to read the second team. For example, April 5 includes "5:30 Spain Park vs ". Clicking on the entry shows that the game is against Hoover. The Calendar does support importing the event into your Google calendar, which is a nice feature. Although the schedule does show the date, time, location, and opponents, no game results are present.

Clicking on "Standings" brings up a page with two tables, Standings and Preseason Ranking. These tables do show which Division/Pool each team is in. In March and April the standings table did show the point that each team had acquired, though these are missing now. The standings do not show how many games a team has played, their win-loss-tie record, game results, or tie breakers. The "Coaches" page states that the 10 point system will be used but no tie breakers are given. Due to the format of the tournament, with each team playing 6 other teams in their pools ties on points are unlikely, but it is still a good idea to say what they are.

I set up a G&B page for this tournament using the published schedule and getting match results off EuroSportsScoreboard, when possible. This is the result: Pool A ; Pool B. The "Coaches" page says that each team should schedule 6 games with teams in their pool(division). I copied all the games from the schedule. In Pool A, 3 teams out of 10 had 6 games on their schedule. In Pool B, no teams had 6 on their schedule, but some teams did only play 6. I assume that some of the game on the schedule were not tournament games.

Pool A ; Pool B

These linld show detailed standings to game results are shown in the schedule and in the standings. The page calculates rankings automatically and did come up with the same two top teams as the tournament, Vestavia Hills and Oak Mountain. In Pool B, the G&B page shows indian Springs at the top of the followed by Gardendale and Homewood. The official rankings showed Homewood at the top followed by Gardendale. I have no explanation as to why Indian Springs wasn't in the final.

The Magic City Metro Cup page does have a Stats Leaders page listing which players had the most goals, assist and saves. This information isn't there now, but it was during the season.

The bottom line is that while the official Metro Girls tournament page did look better, have an exportable calendar, and some player stats it was missing a lot of interesting information. The G7B page is more useful.

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