GRISSOM SOCCER - 92, 94, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 10 STATE CHAMPIONS
Past, Present and Future Grissom Soccer Boosters and former Players,

Once again Grissom Soccer is asking for your continued support. The girls and boys programs, borrowed, begged and spent their treasuries, in an effort to rework the game field. Pro Rain, turf planed and lazer leveled the field by taking 2" inches off of the high spots. Another 1 1/2 inches was taken off after the 2010 season.

The game field needs to be turf planed one more time after the 2012 season for an approximate cost of $4000.

The Jacobsen reel mower blew up and we are in process of finding a "new" used one. Approximate cost is $6000 to $8000 used. A new one is $30,000.

Bleacher additions have been put on long term hold. Irrigating the practice fields have been put on long term hold. The lighting upgrade is on long term hold. New warmups for the jv will be acquired after two years of putting them on hold. New bags for the varsity have been put on hold. Fertilization & pre-emergent herbicide of the practice fields have been minimized or stopped.

The city will no longer support the school fields. All work: to include mowing, field lining, irrigation repair, top dressing, fertilizing, equipment maintenence, fencing, seeding, aerating, herbicide treatment, etc have to be contracted out or be done by us. Lining the game field was $150 a time cost last season. It gets lined every 6-8 days.

If we want the program to grow, we will have to do it ourselves. The school gives no money and we are entirely funded by player fees, fund raisers, gate fees and the booster fund. We can have anything we want as long as we are willing to pay for it, or do without.

The jv and visitor locker room portable was taken away by the school and at the present time, the plans to build another locker room are dependent on donations. The school promised us a new locker room for the boys jv and girls jv and more bathrooms, but it has not come to pass and the school is now not going to do it. Money was spent on baseball, theater and other entities, but none on soccer. Until something is built, our jv does not have a home. We lost storage. We have no convienient locker room facilities for visiting teams (girls or boys) and we have no referee facilities. And no, I do not know why the portable was taken away with no plan B. The booster club is determined to erect another building to house the jv and a storage facility so things do not have to continue being stored at the coaches houses. A metal building is being considered for this facility. This will only come about with financial help/donations.

Our program can only grow and maintain with your help. The soccer program asks for your donations.

Previous players have set the standards high and they expect it to continue. The pressure on a Grissom player to do well is tremendous. Hopefully, our players will always accept the challenge. I have always said, I will do whatever I can to see our kids have the facilities and equipment of a top notch team. I hope you feel the same way and I once again ask for your financial support. Your contribution is totally tax deductible.

Thanks for your support,
Coach A.
The Grissom Soccer Team Thanks You for your Support