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A Tradition of Excellence
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The 2021 roster will be posted shortly after tryouts in January.

2020 JV Roster
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40Rachel Lillard12GK
11Haley Kenney11M
29Christina Kruse11F/M
20Gracey Thornton11M
Maria Guest10MGR
27Lina Kim10F
6Kamryn Lassiter10D
Shaina Sam10MGR
32Zoe Xue10D
0Elena Aiello9GK
12Emily Duncan9F
88Espi Leal9D
77Lunden Rhodes9F
31Jessica Steele9F
35Eryn Thomas9D
8th Grade
44Kate Brown8D
55Lorelai Coleman8M
25Julianna Justin8M
24Claudia Lowe8M
34Rachael Rowland8F
7th Grade
9Ella White7D