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This page shows various features of the schedule pages, including color codes for different kinds of events, and different colors for different game results. This example is based the 2011 schedule but some events have been modified or added to cover more features, and to include descriptive text.

Normally the schedule is split so that very recent events and near term events are at the top. The second part of the schedule starts at the chronological beginning of the schedule and covers all past events. This demo schedule is hardcoded to look about what it would've looked like on 3/10/11, so the first section starts at 3/9/11 and continues through 5/16/11, and the second segment starts at 1/23 and goes through 3/9/11. Use "Current" to go to the current events, "Past" to go to the earliest events on the schedule (or to go to the chronological end of the schedule, which will immediately precede the "Past" section) and "Recent" to go recent events. Use "Help" for more details.

The "Last Update:" block shows the date of the last change for each schedule block.

Users can specify start and stop dates via Option though this is disabled in the "Schedule Demo" because all the dates are hard-wired. The "Varsity News" and "JV News" pages show very recent events and near term events. (They both show preseason events until the tryouts.)

The schedule "database" includes JV and Varsity events for both Mens and Womens soccer. Clicking "Options" provides a way to display various subsets of the complete schedule, including All events, Mens Varsity and JV, Mens and Womens Varsity, Mens and Womens JV, etc. In addition, the games may be filtered to show only home games, and a optional Calendar can be displayed. Altogether there are 36 different formats possible.

The start and stop date may be specified, which will constrain the calendar/schedule.

"Print" hides extraneous page components, such as the top level menus, for cleaner printing. It does not initiate the print operation.

  Varsity+JV Varsity JV
Men Schedule Schedule Schedule Schedule Schedule Schedule Calendar Start Date:
Women Schedule Schedule Schedule Home End Date:

The Calendar displays the short name of the event (often the opponent) as a link to the schedule. Clicking on the link will jump to the schedule entry for that event, which provides more information including time and location.

If the Calendar includes events for both genders, each event will be preceded by B or G. If the Calendar includes both JV and Varsity teams, a J or V will precede each event. A "." indicates that the event applies to both genders and/or both JV/Varsity. For example, both the State playoff games and JV Super Cup events are attended by both genders.

If the current date is between the start and end of the calendar range, the schedule is split into two segments. The first segment covers very recent and future events, so that upcoming events are at the top of the schedule, while the second segment starts at the first date in the calendar or date range, and covers events up to the current date.

If the current date is before or after the calendar range, only one segment is displayed.

Click on "Current" to go to the top of the schedule, which shows very recent (within the last 48 hours) and upcoming events. Click on "Recent" to go to the bottom of the schedule, which shows recent events. Click on "Past" to go to the earliest date on the schedule.

Clicking on the Location field will bring up the Directions page for that location. (This may not work if the page is included in another web page as an iframe.)

The Notes field may contain results, links to tournament web sites, links to Game Summaries and other remarks. Game results must be placed at the beginning of the field to be included in the statistics, which are displayed at the end of the schedule.

No scheduled events.

Goals for and against, and the W-L-T record will be displayed at the end of the schedule. This will cover all the teams within the schedule. For example, if both varsity and JV events are shown, the combined W-L-T stats are shown.