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Tiger and Ball
'; Lady Tigers

Grissom Lady Tigers

A Tradition of Excellence

The 2018 roster will be posted shortly after tryouts in January.

2017 Varsity Roster
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20Caroline Lumb12Mid
8Emma McManus12Def
21Emma O'Beirne12Fwd/CM
3Ashtyn Owen12Mid/GK
2Janey McManus11Mid
17Karlie Ruff11Def/GK
24Emma Grace Stinson11
11Ali Thomas11Fwd/Mid
7Sara Kate "SK" Verhage11Fwd/Mid
13Sarah Warnick11Mid
25Angie Wilson11Fwd
Tabby Wells11MGR
9Samantha Kelly10Def
6Nicole Anthony9Mid
18Darby Hickman9Mid
10Sarah Lynam9Mid
26Lexi Morgan9Mid
15Kate Duncan Warner9Mid/GK
23Abigail Weir9Def
8th Grade
4Abby Lynam8Def