Site Comparison - Grissom Men's Soccer

An alternate site to is being evaluated. This is a page by page comparison between the current site and the alternate site . First, pages at the current site are compared to similar pages on the alternate site, then pages at the alternate site are compared to the similar pages on the current site.

The public part of is organized as 6 top level menus, each of which has sublevel menus. The top level menu is the top row at the bottom of the header, with the second level menu is underneath it. This is exactly equivalent to having a single menu row with pulldown menus appearing as you move the cursor over the top level menus.

The curent top level and sub level menu will be highlighted with an orange background if the cursor is not moving over menu items. For example, if you are looking at the Varsity Roster, both "Varsity" and "Roster" will have an orange background. Moving the cursor over the top level menu will show the sublevel menus under that item. A yellow background indicates which page will be visited if you click the mouse. Clicking on a top level menu item will bring up the leftmost submenu. E.g., clicking on 'JV" will bring up "JV News".

There are quite a few pages that are not public. These include pages to edit the schedule, report game results and update Workers, as well as support for Grissom Soccer Camp. Some pages look different depending on user permissions. Not all are currently used, such as the Spirit Wear page.

The has 6 top level menu items, and 31 submenus. Some are pages and some are links.
Click on any link to go to that page:

Current Site Alternate Site
Top Menu Sub Menu Equivalent Redirect Note
Grissom Home News Home Home includes News
Coaches Coaching Staff
History Includes ~25 yrs of schedule and roster information though it needs to be more accessiable.
Contacts Contact Us Alternate is a simple contact form and does not list officers or other contacts.
Recently the Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau offerred free stuff in an email sent to, addressed to Mike. IMO they are less likely to use a generic Boosters Contact Form for the same purpose.
Forms Additional Links:Forms Alternate also includes Directions and other files. I don't think either form set is complete.
Schedule Schedule & Results Combined Varsity+JV Schedule on both sites
Varsity Home Home Alternate combines Varsity and JV News
Roster Roster Alternate has one page for both Varsity and JV
Schedule (Varsity) Schedule & Results Alternate does not have a Varsity Schedule
Facebook Facebook Link to Facebook Page. Alternate has link on home page, not in a menu.
Media Gallery Not used in current site.
JV Home Home Alternate combines Varsity and JV News
JV Roster Roster Alternate has one page for both Varsity and JV
Schedule (JV) Schedule & Results Alternate does not have a JV Schedule
Media Gallery Not used in current site.
Events Southern Soccer Challenge Pulldown Menu off Additional Links
Soccer Camp Pulldown Menu off Additional Links - Links to a placeholder
"Grissom Soccer Camp" was recently added so that there will be information for the 2016 Camp, in case it happens. It was removed last year because there was no camp. The "Tiger Rumble" used to be listed.
Links Links Additional Links exists but is empty. The Home page includes links to Facebook, Twitter, and the Eurosport AL 7A rankings, but these may be harder to find than in a Links page or menu item.
Lady Tigers Alternate site does not link to Lady Tigers Direct Link to Lady Tigers Site
Directions Additional Links:Forms To get directions on alternate site, go to Additional Links:Forms, find the Directions document, then scan for the desired destination.
Sponsors Sponsors Alternate site includes numbers on Sponsor level in order to sort. Most links are broken.
Boosters Login Google Login
Actions Bottom menu List authorized actions - dependent on user groups/permissions
'Actions' is hard to compare. I set up a Google Sites site, Road Safety Guard DVR in 2012, but it's pretty simple. I suspect that it's much easier to change the new site, because of the tools Google probvides, but actions that are specific to a soccer team/schedule, such as reporting a game, are much easier on the existing site. Clicking on the "Report Game" action brings up the the Game Report page; it's easy to report a game result in a 5-10 clicks/keystrokes. It is possible to enter the wrong score but it is impossible to break anything. If you are editing a web page or document it is possible to make bigger mistakes.
Workers Document in Additional Links:Forms I don't think the worker information on either site is current.
Facebook Facebook Duplicate link to Facebook Page. Alternate has link on home page.
Gallery Gallery gallery is not well integrated
Forum Forum is not used directly by most people. It is used to manage user accounts.

The Alternate Site has nine top level menus. Two have one pulldown option and one has three.

Alternate Site Current Site
Top Menu Sub Menu Equivalent Note
Home Grissom:Home
Roster JV:Roster
Alternate has one page for
both Varsity and JV rosters
Roster Varsity Stats Varsity Roster page has a "Stats" option; details may change; Easily extended to JV, No Sorting by statistic
Schedule & Results Grissom:Schedule Combined Varsity+JV Schedule
Current schedule includes match results if reported. Alternate site does not appear to include JV results.
While W-D-L makes more sense, W-L-T is the convention. The column would normally contain cumulative totals, e.g 1-0-0, 2-0-0, 2-1-0, 2-1-1, shows 2 wins followed by a loss and a tie. The current site color codes win, losses, and ties, and shows stats for each schedule. Area stats are not displayed.
Schedule & Results Match Stats Current Site does not include a match stats page though only goal differential is not already available in the schedule.
Current site does provide W-L-T and GF and GA for JV.
News Grissom:News Current site includes Varsity News and JV News. Most older messages are archived in the Announcements Forum.
Coaching Staff Coaches
Gallery Gallery The alternate site is probably easier to use and better integrated than the current Gallery, but both rely on submissions. See the 2012 Varsity Gallery, which contains hundreds of images from multiple people.The alternate site is empty, as is the current Gallery for recent years.
Sponsors Sponsors
Alternate site includes numbers on Sponsor level in order to sort. Most links are broken.
Current site displays one URL of a sponsor on each page load.
A recent addition shows a small image for each Orange and Tiger sponsor.
Contact Us Contacts Current site lists officers, event directors, e.g.,, and other people.
"Contacts" shows additional information if you are logged in, dependent on user privileges.
Additional Links No links Links Includes 30+ links
Additional Links Southern Soccer Challenge Events:Southern Soccer Challenge
Additional Links Camps page - empty Events:Grissom Soccer Camp - This link would be added under Events. The camp page is not fully functional but would be updated if we have a soccer camp. The are several support pages for the camp including preregistration.
Additional Links Forms This includes various documents. Most are either PDF or GoogleDocs which can restrict access behind some company firewalls/filters.
In Forms List 2016 GHSMensSoccer Directions Directions
In Forms List 2016 Combined Work Schedule - 1/29/16 Workers This is restricted access, but this has been unlocked, but it is not current
In Forms List Various Forms/Documents Grissom:Forms
I'm not sure either set of Forms is complete. A flexible document respository with tags may be added to the current site if it is not archived.