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Grissom Men's Soccer up through 2016 season

Southern Soccer Challenge
Invitational Tournament

(Hosted by Grissom High School)

Due to the rain, all Friday games were played at Milton Frank.

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Cookeville Cavaliers Cookeville TN McCallie Blue Tornado Chattanooga TN
Grissom Tigers Huntsville AL Huntsville Panthers Huntsville AL
Spain Park Jaguars Hoover AL Vestavia Hills Rebels Vestavia Hills AL
Putnam City North Panthers Oklahoma City OK Arlington Tigers Arlington TN
Cup Division
Medal Division
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Last update: 3/24 Saturday 6:47 pmFri 4:00 MF
Grissom 2
Cookeville 0
Fri 5:30 MF
Spain Park 0
Putnam City North 4
Fri 7:00 MF
Huntsville 0
McCallie 3
Fri 8:30 MF
Vestavia 5
Arlington 0
Sat 9:00 JH1
Cookeville 3
Spain Park 1
Sat 9:00 JH2
Huntsville 3
Arlington 1
Sat 11:00 JH1
Grissom 2
Putnam City North 3
Sat 11:00 JH2
McCallie 0
Vestavia 1
Sat 2:00 JH2
Spain Park 2
Arlington 1
Sat 2:00 JH1
Cookeville 0
Huntsville 3
Sat 4:15 JH2
Grissom 0
McCallie 1
Sat 4:15 JH1
Putnam City North 0
Vestavia 4
Spain Park McCallie Huntsville Vestavia
Game 1Fri 3/234:00pmMilton FrankGrissom v Cookeville2-0 ; #20, #4 Score
Game 3 5:30pmMilton FrankSpain Park v Putnam City North0-4 ; 35 min. halves
Game 2 7:00pmMilton FrankHuntsville v McCallie0-3 ; 35 min. halves
Game 4 8:30pmMilton FrankVestavia v Arlington5-0 ; 35 min. halves
Game 5Sat 3/249:00amJohn Hunt 1Cookeville v Spain Park3-1 ;
Game 6 9:00amJohn Hunt 2Huntsville v Arlington3-1 ;
Game 7 11:00amJohn Hunt 1Grissom v Putnam City North2-3 ; Overtime
Game 8 11:00amJohn Hunt 2McCallie v Vestavia0-1 ; Overtime
Game 9 2:00pmJohn Hunt 2Spain Park v Arlington2-1 ;
Game 11 2:00pmJohn Hunt 1Cookeville v Huntsville0-3 ; Forfeit
Game 10 4:15pmJohn Hunt 2Grissom v McCallie0-1 ;
Game 12 4:15pmJohn Hunt 1Putnam City North v Vestavia0-4 ;
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