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Why this is looking for a new administrator?

The short answer

Wellington Giolo did not like the site. He had a number of complaints, some of which were valid, but his solution was "to completely revamp the website". I was willing to make some improvements but was not willing to discard the current website and replace it with something that had less capability just so it looked similar to other web sites that he liked better. I estimate that he was asking that I provide 40-60 hours of labor so that would conform to his idea as to what the site should look like.

When I pointed out that I was an unpaid volunteer, he told me that he was representing the board and that they were my customer, implying that I had no choice in whether to make the changes. At that point I told him that I would not maintain the site in 2017.

During this meeting, Mike Farkas pointed out how easy it was to work with the United Soccer Club website. My response was, "How much does it cost?". Both United Soccer Club and Huntsville Futbol Club have very good sites, hosted by At the time, there was a $500-$3500 start fee, with an annual cost of $595. The cost $54/year and is paid up through early 2019. That's $4.50/month vs $60/month. The local soccer clubs need good sites because they have hundreds of players, many teams, and compete with each other for players. The website simplifies player registration and team management, and helps promote the club A high school soccer booster club has much simpler requirements. There are only 40-44 players and only two teams. The added expense for a commerical web site is not needed and there are better ways to spend their money. Players are constrained to either play for Grissom or not at all, and I think it's very unlikely that the team website has any bearing on their decision.

In addition to Wellington's demands, I have been frustrated by that lack of support from other board members. For example, I made repeated requested for JV game results. It's easy to post results but I was happy to post them if they were emailed to me.